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These include Salvia companions that are also Lamiaceae. Its long blooming, super tall flower spikes rise from a basal rosette of lemon-lime fragrant leaves the color of green apples. I wish I had a work force of hummingbirds to work in the nursery. (Friendship Sage) Thank you Rolando Uria of the University of Buenos Aries for this very fine plant. (Mexican Mountain Scarlet Sage) Dark red calyxes cup the large red flowers of this lovely Mexican native which blooms from early winter through spring. "Too cute!" We followed yoyr instructions and the plants are doing well. Whether the blues of mealy cup sage (Salvia farinacea), 'Black and Blue' anise sage (Salvia guaranitica), or scarlet lady in red, these hummingbird plants will bloom virtually non-stop throughout the season. Free delivery on qualified orders. We love hummingbirds, and they love us back with lots of visits. Its clear, pumpkin-orange trumpet-type flowers with long, narrow petals are wells of delicious nectar. Hummingbird Vine is a vigorous grower -- reaches 20-40' tall. Fruit Scented Sage is one of the strongest and most deliciously scented plants we have encountered. Growing up to 5 feet tall, this sage offers an unforgettable display when in bloom. (Shelby Hardy Gloxinia) Shelby's long, tubular, creamy pink flowers dangle from apple green, leaf-like calyxes. They require a good dose of “bug” on their menu each day to keep up their busy lifestyle. It is the best red-flowering Tropical Sage that we grow. 4.5 out of 5 stars 48. (Elk Magenta Hybrid Sage)  Combining the best characteristics of both parents, this robust, large leafed hybrid has deep magenta and white flowers that delight hummingbirds. Our overwintering hummingbirds adore it. You might say that this shrubby sage is mixed-up, but its confused coloring makes it highly desirable. (Wendy's Wish Sage) A new hybrid Salvia from Australia, Wendy's Wish is absolutely spectacular! Fast growing and free blooming, it attracts hummingbirds too. Instead, they use color to determine where they might find some good flowers with nectar. A native from a tropical savanna climate in Bolivia, this species grows best in climates with year-round warmth. Flowers need to be tubular with bright colors, particularly red and orange. Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus drummondii) Blooming year round this small to medium deep-rooted shrub (2-9ft), produces red/white flowers that are twisted into a whorl of petals. How to create a Hummingbird Garden in California . Read Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest book reviews & author details and more at (Big Red Sage) Hummingbirds and butterflies adore the large, deep red blossoms of Salvia penstemonoides, a once rare herbaceous perennial. (Honey Rose Mountain Sage) So dark that they almost seem black, the stems of this Mountain Sage add drama to flowers the color of creamy tomato soup. But for whatever reason, the Stormy Pink that we grow on our Northern California coastal farm has green calyxes with dark stripes. (Golden Pineapple Sage) The bright crimson flowers of this extremely fragrant sage are attractive to both humans and pollinators. I wish I had a work force of hummingbirds to work in the nursery. (COOL Pink Lace Anise Scented Sage) Cheerful Kelly-green bracts surround magenta buds that bloom into the soft pink yet magenta-tinged flowers of Salvia COOL Pink Lace. Wild Wings WWSFHF5 So Real Single Flower Hummingbird Feeder, Red/Yellow (2-Pack), LED Solar Hummingbird Wind Chimes Outdoor - Waterproof Mobile Changing Light Color Wind Chime, Six Hummingbirds LED Wind Chimes for Home, Xmas Mom Gifts, Party, Festival Decor, Night Garden Decoration, Warm fun gift for mom grandma family friend, Light of life gift for mom grandma friend woman. Hummingbirds are attracted to a wide variety of flowers — usually those that are red and tubular — but to others as well. Yet the 'moose' in its name isn't a misspelling. The large clusters of deep blue flowers appear in the spring and again in the fall. Hummingbirds love fragrant, colorful plants. Buy It: 400 Scarlet Sage Seeds, ($6, Amazon) 09 of 10. In growth and flower it is intermediate between the parents, and fast growing because of it's hybrid vigor. Eastern Columbine. Hummingbird Plants. Similar to Salvias, Cupheas are rich sources of nectar that fuel hummingbird migration. A FBTS introduction. (Silver Leaf Forysthia Sage) It's the foliage of this clone that makes it so different from its parent plant. As we mentioned before, planting a hummingbird garden is a great way to attract hummingbirds to your backyard.One of the best plants to grow in your garden are hummingbird vines. It's a magnet for hummingbirds. BUY TICKETS NOW. So growing hummingbird plants with red, pink or coral flowers will get them into your yard. New salvia varieties are constantly being introduced, and they are wonderful for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to your gardens. Almost any sage (Salvia spp.) Buy Now. (Big Pitcher Sage) As its scientific name indicates, this sage has very large flowers. It combines wonderfully in the garden or in a large container with Black & Blue Salvia, another top hummingbird attracting plant. We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories. (Scarlet Spires Sage) This is a brilliant cross between the sturdy D'Arcy's Sage (Salvia darcyi) and the beautifully colored 'Raspberry Delight' Littleleaf Sage (Salvia microphylla 'Raspberry Delight'). Hummingbird Plants. Yet so many, including Salvia 'Fancy Dancer' have delicate looking blossoms. It is compact, long blooming and profusely covered by soft pink flowers surrounded by velvety white bracts. Floriferous and heat tolerant, Cuphea schumannii is also a long-blooming addition to wildlife gardens. (Coral Nymph Tropical Sage) What a cutie! (Kudos Mandarin Hybrid Anise Hyssop) Dense plumes of creamy orange flowers are accented by deep green foliage in this heat- and drought-tolerant favorite of pollinators. (Windwalker® Royal Red Salvia) Salvia darcyi x S. microphylla 'PWIN03S' is one of the top 2015 plants for USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 5 selected by Colorado's Plant Select®, a nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting plants for low-water gardens. (Cleveland Sage or California Blue Sage) This drought-tolerant, evergreen, California native is a compact, aromatic shrub with electric blue-purple flowers that bloom in summer. Flower Color is Orange/Peach and blooms in Fall, Spring, Summer. (Elk White Scarlet Sage) The first tall white Salvia splendens variety, this new introduction from Flowers by the Sea is vigorous and free flowering all season long. Pineapple sage is one of several plants in the Salvia family that attract hummingbirds. We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories. Free shipping. It is a late bloomer from Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental mountains where it grows at altitudes of 4,000 to 5,000 feet and tolerates temperatures down to 20 degrees F. (Red Stem Forsythia Sage) The thick, square, red stems of this variety of Forsythia Sage make it conspicuously different from the species and from everything else in your garden. if these do well in the southern california desert sun, i'll be back for more...lost more. We pack them carefully to ensure they arrive safely. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. These tiny birds are joyful to watch – consider planting something to bring them into your garden this year! (Green Calyx Anise-Scented Sage) An older variety, Blue Ensign continues to be widely popular, especially in colder climates. In the hottest months, hang in a shaded spot. Toggle Navigation Guaranteed Satisfaction Free Shipping On Orders Over $40 The appellation "leonurus" equals "lion colored." A BIG plus in my high desert location is that the two species of rabbits have, as yet, left them... bought 12 salvia plants, mostly salvia leucantha. Superior growth and earlier flowering make it a must-have choice for hummingbird gardeners. Because of it's spread it is not suitable for small areas, but will delight gardeners and hummingbirds alike when given room to grow. (Red Birds in a Tree) Flocks of cardinal red blossoms shaped like tiny birds inhabit the tall flower spikes of Scrophularia macrantha, which is best known as Red Birds in a Tree and is well loved for its ability to attract hummingbirds. 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(Limelight Mexican Sage) The chartreuse green calyxes and deep violet flowers of this sage form an electric combination that lights up the partial shade garden from late summer through fall. Pollen from Salvia microphylla 'San Carlos Festival' was used on flowers of Salvia lycioides x greggii 'Ultra Violet' and one of the resultant seedlings became Arctic Blaze Purple. Worth growing just for the exotic scent of its leaves, this culinary sage is also one of the longest blooming plants in its species. The leaves are a lovely silver and smaller than the green leaves of the species. The felty silver-grey foliage of the Hummingbird Plant is a wonderful contrast in any sunny to partially shaded garden and is a must in your hummingbird garden! (Silver Cleveland Sage or California Silver-Blue Sage) Unlike other Cleveland Sages, this drought-tolerant, violet-flowered evergreen blooms in summer. will attract hummingbirds. Similar to Salvias, Cupheas are rich sources of nectar that fuel hummingbird migration. This Suncrest Nurseries hybrid of South American gloxinias can handle a bit of winter chill. Hummingbirds love fragrant, colorful plants. Hummingbirds are strongly attracted to flower colors such as: red, orange, scarlet, pink and rose. Aromatic, drought tolerant, deer-resistant, and rabbit-resistant, the hyssop (Agastache ssp.) (Elk Super Scarlet Rooster Sage) From the mountains of Mexico we have this stunning Sage, which seems never to be out of bloom. Zones: Annual. (Topanga Hummingbird Sage or Pitcher Sage) Rich pink flowers surrounded by fuzzy, burgundy and green bracts are two of the reasons why this is one of our favorite kinds of Hummingbird Sage. (Elk Smokey Grape Jame Sage) We think the dusky lavender flowers of Salvia x ‘Elk Smokey Grape’ look like the dusty, pale reddish-blue of Malbec grapes. These hummingbird plants contain include bulbs, perennials, and wildflowers that will attract hummingbirds to your garden. $13.85 $ 13. (Orange Peel Jessamine) Mainly fragrant at night, the orange and yellow flowers of Cestrum 'Orange Peel' are the result of a cross between Night-Blooming Cestrum (C. nocturnum) and Day-Blooming Cestrum (C. diurnum). It’s vivid, floriferous, and a hummingbird favorite. I never realized how lovely salvia could be. When Redditor Octopus Prime posted this photo of an unusual looking plant, the internet caught fire. FREE Shipping. (Autumn Purple Sage) Small but numerous, the flowers of this sage are a variable shade of light purple that is unlike any other we grow. If you appreciate the wonder that hummingbirds can bring to the garden then you will be sure to appreciate the wide selection of hummingbird plants that we offer here at Almost Eden. (Lady in Red Tropical Sage) Lady in Red is a variety of Salvia coccinea Juss. We love its stunning Cambridge blue flowers, bright green calyxes and the licorice-like scent of its foliage. Medium-sized flowers are profuse on this large, vigorous plant -- particularly in spring and fall. Pink Turtlehead (Chelone lyonii) – A lovely late-summer perennial for moisture-retentive places. (Christine Yeo Sage) A chance hybrid of two Mexican sages --Salvia microphylla and S. chamaedryoides -- Christine Yeo Sage is long blooming and features deep purple flowers with white eyes. It is a South American introduction from Roland Uria, an agronomy professor and plant researcher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. aequipetala attract butterflies, honeybees and hummingbirds as well as gardeners who love color. White Leaf Leather Flower. Discovered in a Berkeley, California, garden, Winnifred Gilman is a fine variety of the species. This one is scandent, which means it is a climber and needs support. A spreading shrubby grower, it excells in containers where it can be enjoyed close up. (Grey Musk Sage) Lavender flowered, this is a fast-growing, chance hybrid of California Blue Sage (, (Raspberry Truffle Sage) Hybrid sages with Big Mexican Scarlet Sage parentage (. For extra pollinator appeal, add a DIY hummingbird feeder to your garden. (Bolivian Lace Leaf Sage)  A large decidious woody shrub, this is a distinctive and somewhat unique Salvia species. Similar to other varieties of this species, Avis Keedy is alluring to butterflies, honeybees and hummingbirds. (COOL Fandango Anise Scented Sage) A combination of dark, rosy bracts and magenta blossoms make Salvia COOL Fandango dance. It blooms from November to March on our coastal Northern California farm where it feeds Anna's hummingbirds all winter long. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. (Envy Hybrid Sage)  A natural hybrid found in Peru and Bolivia, the parentage of this special variety is at this point unknown. Warmer winters and tubular bright, red and orange flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies in Florida. North or South, the super-rich nectar of Salvias and other mint-type plants keep tiny wings whirring. (Blue Boa Hummingbird Mint) Luxurious deep violet-blue flower spikes held over ultra-green foliage. (Purple Bract Peruvian Sage or Concolor Sage) Similar to its wild relative, Peruvian Sage, which is also known as Concolor Sage, this cultivar has foliage that is smooth, apple green on top and fuzzy with silver hairs on the bottom. It really looks to be intermediate between the parents, and the fragrance of the leaves is divine. It begins blooming in late summer where weather is warm and in fall where it is cooler. (Pink Mexican Bush Sage) Although native to Mexico and Central America, this elegant variety of Salvia leucantha was hybridized in South Africa. (Scandent Mexican Sage) Here's another winter-blooming hummingbird magnet for gardens in mild climates. And the furry leaves have a … It also works well singly or in combination with other plants in container gardens. Read more about our mission or our privacy policy. Fuzzy leaves, stems and calyxes are characteristic of its species, so this native of Mexico and Central America is also called Velvet Sage. Dormancy: Winter. This older hybrid of South American gloxinias can handle a bit of winter chill. Robin Wilson Photography/Getty Images Here are some of the best herbaceous plants to serve as hummingbird magnets for perennial flower beds, plus one annual that likes shade: . Their brightly-colored or long tubular flowers will help to lure hummingbirds into your garden. Grow It With: Phlox looks great with dwarf varieties of butterfly bush, and hummingbirds have a tough time resisting either plant. By selecting the right types of perennial plants and flowers that attract attract hummingbirds, you'll not only enjoy watching these winged beauties buzz around your gardens, you'll be providing them with the natural nectar they need and love.

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