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different types of necklines for blouses

This neckline design draws the eye up and in, creating a balancing effect by cutting broad shoulders. An open style like a sweetheart neckline dress almost always makes a woman look longer and leaner. What is it: A basic Round neckline, known as scoop when it is deep and daring. It gives me everything I need for my tailoring career. The seam of the yoke can start at the armhole or above the bust line and can be shaped curved straight or diagonal. © 2019 Rent the Runway. Here is a more detailed look at this neckline – check out this post –, 18 Wide square neckline / Florentine neckline, Scallops edge the neckline. I hope to be a professional fashion designer soon.Thank you so much for being my inspiration. A combination of necklines often creates a distinctive look with an added dimension and is definitely something to try for a night to remember. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful outfit we’ve never heard of, nor would we probably have ever styled without this year’s virtual party circuit. Off-the-shoulder shapes, also known as Bardot, highlight your shoulders and collar bone and draw the eye up to balance out a fuller middle. Whether you’re small or large busted, this style lengthens your neck and highlights your collarbones in an elegant, ballerina-esque way. Here is a more detailed look at this neckline – check out this post – Bardot neckline/off shoulder neckline -10 beautiful styles, As the name suggests this is a very wide angular or square neckline – though modest, A décolleté neckline is a very deep neckline. This type of neckline is the more common on t shirts. In this type of neckline the top portion of the garment including the neckline is a separate piece. Siempre me ha gustado hacerle un retoque especial a blusas o vestidos. It is suitable to almost all body shapes, face shapes, depending on the depth of the neckline. A discerning feature is the cinch around the waist, that makes this neckline perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a more defined waistline. Different kinds of collars can be added to the neckline. Why haven’t you described every single neckline? A halter top could be your best bet. Many fun pieces bring in multiple elements of necklines, such as this one-off-the-shoulder sweetheart jumpsuit. This type of neckline should sit right under your neck. Starting a Quilt ? Most of us do not choose the neckline of a garment  in isolation. Ahora con este material le sacaré el máximo provecho. But we forget that the neckline of the bodice frames your face and accentuates its features and is the first thing others see, mostly, when they look at you ( arguably). All these variations flatter the shoulder in their own way. It is a very common neckline for wedding gowns. Without a doubt its, The choice of neckline is dependant on many factors like the shape of the face, shoulders,  size of the bust, the bust line, neck type and above all the, It is an almost perfect neckline that will look good on most everybody, as far as I have seen, but for an apple body shape, it is a life saver. 1 pinch glam, 2 parts chic, and 3 cups elastic waistband? This neckline has an opening just under the edge – either a circular one, oval one or a tear shaped one. The cowl neck has a design that naturally drapes in rounded folds and forms a unique silhouette that flatters a variety of body types. Thanks for the words. Thanks for leaving the comment – so glad you found it helpful. Round Neckline. 7 Questions to ask, Sew a gathered skirt with pockets {Sewing tutorials}. This neckline will have a separate piece of fabric finishing and  framing the neckline as well as the opening, This neckline consists of a set in piece at the center front of the bodice. 5 This curve-enhancing silhouette is especially flattering for women who have an hourglass figure and toned arms and shoulders—you’ll especially want to try a halter neck dress for your next occasion. One issue I’ve not been able to resolve is that of how to convert a pattern from a crew or jewel neckline to a raised neckline, as seen in Vogue patterns V8982 or V1239. 1. Show off those gorgeous shoulders by picking a Bardot top! 50+ neck design ideas for salwar suits/ churidar/ Panjabi suits. The Scoop Neck style. It provides a nice contrast to curves and also elongates a short neck and narrow shoulders. Copyright Sarina @ sewguide.com All rights reserved. Hi Arod Check the various types of collars and collar neck designs for blouse, kurti, and tops that hang on these types of necklines. Fashion Vocabulary -150+ words related to Fashion, 100+ [FREE] Dress Sewing Patterns for kids. The Quilting tools and materials you need to get going. {DIY Dress} in one hour – Sew easy everyday dress in Free size, Make a long flared skirt {Free Size} Sewing Pattern & Tutorial, How to fix holes in Jeans : 10 ways to repair ripped & torn jeans, Bag Materials : A list of 20 things you need to make bags, Braid Stitch: 10 beautiful stitches that look like braids, How to wash socks properly {Get clean and long lasting socks at the same time! The choice of neckline is dependant on many factors like the shape of the face, shoulders,  size of the bust, the bust line, neck type and above all the body shape of the wearer. The neckline is gathered around the neck with a plain band or an elasticized casing or a drawstring casing. This neckline is also called Bateau neckline. To make a scoop neckline, simply follow the neckline pattern of a similar cut (like a jewel or V-neck) and add an inch to the center of this style. Ruffle Neckline. If you’ve got a small to medium bust, dare to bare in a style like a plunging dress or a deep v neck jumpsuit. Polo t-shirts are made famous by golfers and the collared variety adorned with buttons adds a sense of formality to the look. Thanks. Tee-shirts can be plain or in fancy patterns, and hundreds of retail outlets and other businesses offer tee-shirts with their name or logo on them. This timeless neckline brings out class and sophistication, as it feels and looks as though you are wearing a jewel. An off-the-shoulder sweater also works well for small to medium busts and narrow shoulders. This style also draws the eye in, balancing out broad shoulders and thick torsos, and lengthening short necks. Best wishes for your future – it is an exciting career choice. Nice work done. Can you point me in a direction to pursue my inquiry? When the neckline is deep, with the length being more than the width, it is known as a U neckline. Sweetheart. T-shirts are made in various colors, styles, and come in different t-shirt neckline types and cuts, but I bet not every one of you reading this can recognize a T-shirt by its name. This sweater has a "shirt collar" type of neckline, similar to the type of neckline found on fine Italian knits and on shirts and blouses.Unusual on a sweater, this type of neckline is difficult to knit, but has a trim and attractive appearance when hand stitched onto the sweater. Your email address will not be published. Go for tacky and sensuous... 2. Sometimes it is also cut very wide at the shoulders, This is an asymmetrical neckline with only one shoulder, This neckline has a high neck in the back of the bodice but for the front it features a sweet heart neckline style, Scallops edge the neckline. The most popular and traditional T-Shirt neckline types are crew neck (round neck) and V Neck. For each garment worn above the waist, the neckline is primarily a style line and maybe a boundary for further shaping of the upper edge of a garment with, for example, a collar, cowl, darts, or pleats. But if you want some more variations these necklines can be looked at. This neckline can elongate the body, so it is the choice neckline for people who are short.Check out the 6 ways you can stitch a V-neck on to your dress/top. A surplice neckline forms when fabric from one side of your shoulders crosses fabric from the other side at the front, and then permanently sewn down in the seam. Your email address will not be published. See more ideas about Fashion vocabulary, Fashion terms, Fashion terminology. There’s no overstating the importance of a flattering neckline when you’re hunting down the perfect top or dress for your body. An illusion neckline has a see through portion near the neckline – like lace or net. There are  a number of factors that determine the success of a garment. Women with broad shoulders should pay extra attention to this neckline because of its widening effect on the shoulders—which makes it perfect for those with narrow shoulders and slim toned arms. As there is fullness here, decide for yourself, if you want this on the top bodice. It is also referred as a plunging neckline, when it is very deep. V Neck: This is a matchy matchy area. You have variations in sleeves as well, can be full, semi or sleeveless. That is why most of the blouses now are inbuilt with pads—easier and less fussy. Here is a pretty photo for you all to look at. A person with thin long neck can look good in the neckline. If you have a long neck then high bulky collars will complement your neckline. Unlike the regular sleeves, these are an extension of your shoulder with an inseam that runs from under your arm. T-shirts are now their own category of clothing and, as you can see, the sheer number of variations in color, style, and fit makes them invaluable additions to your closet. Every woman’s body is beautifully different. Also called a peasant neckline, A strapless neckline can be cut in different ways . A very feminine neckline which brings attention to the shoulders and neck. Hi susan The basic neckline styles are good enough; we all have used some of them at some point in our clothes. Elongate your frame and bring the drama — without spilling out of your top. Glad you found it helpful. Thank you so much for the kind words, Josephine, Thanks for sharing just want to get more ideas I have in mind for my own consumption…. Bardot neckline/off shoulder neckline -10 beautiful styles. Thanks for your information about the different neckline, but please can I get information about how to cut all the necklines? Especially ideal for slim women, because the neck looks visually a bit shorter than the v-necks. It can be attached to a shirt, coat, blouse, etc. Real members get real about their RTR experience. The wedding gowns with illusion necks are favorites of modern brides. 44 Types of Saree Blouses Front & Back Neck Designs 1. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos de costura. It is a revealing neckline going past the cleavage. One Shoulder Neckline. The scallops can be facing the neck or the bodice. Industrial Sewing machine – Do you need to buy one ? }, Make Easy & comfortable {Straight pants} – sewing pattern, Easy Fold over Wallet Pattern & Sewing Tutorial, 10 Basic styles in Bardot neckline {Off the shoulder neckline}, How to remove mildew/mold spots from clothes, Hand Sewing Leather – 30 tools & supplies you (may or may not) need to buy to get started, 20 Different types of Gowns : The most popular ones, 55 most popular Quilt blocks and their names, Sweetheart Neckline {5 types} & The best way to sew a Sweetheart neck for your dress, How to embroider Simple Cross Stitch Flowers : 5 easy examples, Best Fabric for Summer clothes : 10 favorite fabrics suited for HOT weather. Thanks for the kind heart and for sharing. Different Types of Necklines to Try in Your Kurtis By Meghashop @kumarisapna11 Whether it is a blouse, a kameez or a kurti the first thing that strikes the buyer is its neckline. The keyhole neckline is a close sibling of the halter neck, except forming a “keyhole” of varying shapes and sizes right below your collar bones. This neckline sometimes features ties at the shoulders to keep it in place, This is a high neckline that sits upwards towards the neck , cut as one with the garment, This neckline has a narrow vertical opening in the front ( maybe in the back also). It may consist of a basic strapless bodice, which is covered by a sheer panel of other fabric, which is attached to it. This classic, simple, close-to-the-face shape is best for women with a long neck, narrow face, small chest, or sloped shoulders. Now let’s start with the necklaces. For Sarees; Saree blouses are a whole new ball game of late, and it makes all the difference. Apple-shaped body types should be cautious of this neckline as it may make you appear to be even more volumptious. It is confused with the crew neck as it is almost similar. To eliminate the “floating head” effect that comes from a super high turtleneck sweater, opt for styles that offer little bit of breathing room. Sometimes known as a bateau neckline, an elegant boat neck blouse or dress draws the eye out toward your shoulders. Halter Neck. Women’s t-shirts with crew necklines tend to have slightly shorter sleeves, but other than this small difference, both are incredibly similar in style. But for those who want to play down the bust do not choose this one. Crew Neck (Round Neck or Jewel Neckline) 4. It usually ends above... 2 Jewel Neckline. Different Types of Neckline V Neckline. This is quite apt. I am happy to get necessary knowledge about necklines from you, they are really helpful……..,Thank you so much……. It emphasizes the bust line so for most people this is a flattering style. While 2020 might be a little more sweatpants and a little less sequins, dressing up is one of the […]. Very expository write up.well-done Sarina. The boat neck is a nautical-inspired go-to of icons like Audrey Hepburn (hence its nickname, the Sabrina neckline). Arguably the most dramatic of all the neckline styles, one shoulder tops are unexpected—and ideal if you have narrow shoulders and thin arms, since they can give a widening effect around this area. The scoop neck is another variation of the crew neck where the round neckline hangs a few inches below the collarbone. Pieces with a round neck have the tendency to frame the face, so people who are conscious of their facial size might … Romantic and flirty, off shoulder tops and cold shoulder tops flatter shapes from pear and athletic to petite and hourglass. Backless Blouse. Sweetheart Neckline. Necklace type: Layered strands Runway inspiration: Isabel Marant Carefully staggered lengths fill the blank space created by a plunging neckline without overcrowding it. For those with slender shoulders, this can look very appealing. Stay on the higher side if you’re smaller busted. The lower portion of this bib like piece will be either straight or curved. lot of thanks for you!you are so kind .really its will be very helpfull developing my knowleadge and skills. In the result, you get a dress, which actually consists of two types of necklines. Checkout the, This neckline has an opening just under the edge – either a circular one, oval one or a tear shaped one. The Shift is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for the stylish, intelligent woman of now. Feel free to add any more term or style that you think should be included at my below list. All Rights Reserved. It is a graceful, wider neckline that typically hits just past the collarbone. Crew Neckline. 63 Latest Types of Necklines for Dresses & Tops. This unique top is designed with uncovered shoulders and neckline. Saludos. Related Post : How to choose the best neckline design for you? https://www.thecreativecurator.com/different-types-of-necklines Related post: 50+ neck design ideas for salwar suits/ churidar/ Panjabi suits. These different types of t-shirt styles, necklines, and fabrics have come a long way from the single undergarment they were first designed to be. The sweetheart neckline has the shape of a heart, with the tip of the heart accentuating the bust. The 8 different types of tie and dye, 10 things you need to learn before you start a {T-shirt business}, PRINCESS SEAMS {Stitching them perfectly}, How to bind a neckline with bias tape : 6 methods, What is Business Casual Dress code for women : 7 must have components, How to wash and care for Zari work : 10 Do’s and Don’ts, Is your Sewing Machine Skipping Stitches? Your site is very detailed and highly informative. What is Tie and dye ? Before we start, here is a little guide on different types of necklines that exist to womankind. Beautiful piece! Already a member? Four stars. Hey Lilian 6. This is a deep U neckline which is wider than the base of the neck. If you are convinced about the argument that a neckline can make or break a garment, let us look at the 30 plus basic styles of necklines available and then the 30 plus variations of these basic neckline styles. Embracing your shape and the silhouettes that accentuate it best will narrow down your choices and help you decide on your next rental with ease and confidence. 25 Different types of Sleeve hems and Cuffs. The deeper, wider neckline of a scoop neck tee or a scoop neck dress is flattering to virtually everyone. It is slightly lower than the boat neckline. Because it gives vertical impression to the outfit, this type of neckline can create a leaner, longer, and taller silhouette. Thank you so much for this illustration,it was really impactful. For those with slender shoulders, this can look very appealing. A very feminine neckline which brings attention to the shoulders and neck. Checkout the. The retro shape of a square neck dress or square neck top is great for busty women as it frames the décolletage without revealing too much cleavage. kudos to u, Very very nice I liked all necklines n I get more ideas this pages .This pages are more useful my study. It is not a suitable neckline for a stocky figure with short neck, as it will make the  neck closed in, or a person with a very large bust or a person with narrow shoulders. Take this style for a spin already! Larger busted women may want to avoid this high neck design, as it decreases the amount of exposed skin between the chin and chest and creates an illusion of a shorter neck and a bigger chest. Tee-shirts are undoubtedly the most popular type of shirt worn today, in part because this is a society that is becoming more casual with each passing year. It is a round neckline which sits close to the neck, typically seen in t-shirts. Named jewel neckline, because the neckline lies where a necklace is worn. ... Instagram. Strapless styles highlight your entire upper body area and is perfect for women who like to flaunt their collarbones and necks. Because of wear it sits, this is the most modest type of neckline so a woman doesn’t have to worry about revealing more than she wants. Remain blessed. Many many other variations and styles of necklines are there, ofcourse, but I  leave it to your creativity to conceive them at your leisure. Men with a lean frame can take the most advantage of this t-shirt type. A scoop neckline is like a jewel style, with its center scooping low and showing the bust. Hi Margaret You just made my day. Halter necklines draw the eyes upward and work best for those with medium to full busts, wide shoulders, and straight or hourglass midsections. Cowl Neck. Checkout the 50 plus different types of collars you can add to your neckline. What is fabric? Oct 21, 2019 - Explore R. Rishadani's board "Necklines", followed by 717 people on Pinterest. The most common neckline in the market, and usually found on items such as t-shirts and tops, this classic design is great for people who are less busty (the scoop emphasises the area), have a slender neck (it accentuates this) and have wider shoulders. The absolute classic that you know from all t-shirts. Not only does a standing collar flatter your neck, the open décolletage will allow your bust area to “breathe” without exposing too much. so helpful , how can i get a copy of all thee necklines, Am very happy i found you u’ve shine and bright my eyes of knowing types and difference of necklines am greatful.this has moltivated me of not dropping my aim as a fashion designer, Hi Helina The scallops can be facing the neck or the bodice. A list of 30+ different types of quilts; 10 best heavy weight and thick fabrics; 20 Different types of Gowns : The most popular ones; 55 most popular Quilt blocks and their names; Sweetheart Neckline {5 types} & The best way to sew a Sweetheart neck for your dress; How to embroider Simple Cross Stitch Flowers : 5 easy examples This balances out wider hips, a narrow face, neck, or shoulders, and a smaller bust. 18 Different Types of Sleeve Designs and Their Names 1. Share your story. Hi Ursula Happy to know that this has been helpful; Best wishes on your success as a fashion designer, thank you This neckline is usually mirrored  on the back of the bodice as well. I only recently discovered your site and its wealth of information. Plunge/ Low Neckline. I think it is basically a sweetheart neckline, with a window : ) ;you can call it a decollette neckline as it is low. A slightly lower round neckline, this is a very most common neckline seen in  dresses, tops . Both these necklines are quite self-explanatory, but t-shirts also come in new cuts and several necklines types. T-Shirts also come in various necklines types and cuts. 4. Raglan Sleeves. Asymmetrical Neckline. How to choose the best neckline design for you? I feel like I have been gifted a gold mine. : 20 FAQ answered to check the Quality of the Fabric you have. Wear the high-low hem pattern top that has half or full button plackets. hey just curious what kind of neckline is this one. It is often mistaken as a V neck shape. That is a high neckline; thanks for pointing it out. Go for a collar neck blouse or collar neck dress if you’re fuller in the chest or have a thinner neck. Mar 12, 2013 - Below are the almost complete list of fashion terms and styles of NECKLINES for women’s garments. It is a wide neckline which almost reaches the shoulder line and sits very close to the neck, high in front and back. ✔️✅, Thankyou so mich for this site it has become my go-to for all things sewing you explain everything in such easy to understand terms, Hi Suzanne Women with a smaller chest can opt for cowl necklines with thick folds that hang loosely around the bust area to add depth to your silouhette. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad6371d1c499f5ff4b38b766f3df1200" );document.getElementById("gad1a8de8d").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Cookies help us provide, protect and improve our services. it can be cut straight across the body or in a sweet heart neck fashion. This neckline design is also known as necklace neckline. Thank you for the encouraging comment. A high or raised neckline is not listed at all in the collars or neckline section, so I don’t even know if it goes by other names that may help my searching. The key to nailing the perfect V neck dress or V neck tops for your shape? It usually has a v neck or a u neckline with either, ruching, gathering or casing done to contain the fullness around the neck. Sew-guide, the day I stumbled on your site, I fell in love with it immediately. This is a neckline which is high at the back and has a v-neckline at the front. It is a good neck design to choose with a pear shaped body ( and with a small bust). Hi Sarina, would you recommend a great pattern drafting books for necklines and collars? Anyone can look great in this universal neckline. It is a round neckline which sits close to the neck, typically seen in t-shirts. A collared neckline can come with a buttoned placket or without. Feb 8, 2015 - Drawing Blouses and Necklines. I will post a tutorial for that. Whether personal or for the greater good, we’re celebrating moments of change—big and small—with our community. Here you can find 9 most common necklines type for women. There are different styles of collars based on 3 basic types of collars. RTR member and Minnesota mom Jenna Kutcher shares maternity style tips. Wrap Neckline. This is a neckline you should not choose if you do not want to bring attention to the top portion of your body. For large-busted women, a cowl neck dress that shows a little skin minimizes bust size by lengthening your torso but choose thinner folds that will not add more volume to your bust. Watch the Space below to know about Different T-Shirt Necklines Types. But sweaters made of coarser materials often have around. Also can be in boat neck pattern. THanks for the comment. Pussy Bow Neckline. Raglan sleeves come in all lengths and are a popular choice for bodycon dresses, casual tops, and T-shirts. This is a very appealing neckline, with the lower portion of the neckline looking like the  top portion of a heart, This neckline is also called a Bardot neckline. Thanks. There are  a number of factors that determine the success of a garment. A slightly lower round neckline, this is a very most common neckline seen in dresses, tops . I found it very helpful and I am grateful to you for the job well-done. Plus, this feminine yet chic style creates a demure look with just the right amount of sexy. We look at the style, fabric, colour etc and then the neckline. Women with larger chests should look for rentals with a deeper V for an elongating effect. It’s easy to let your focus gear toward other areas, but the right neck shape can frame your face, create balanced proportions, and set the tone for your entire look — essentially making or breaking it. This style flatters a small chest but should be avoided by larger-busted women, unless you’d want to further accentuate your cleavage. Required fields are marked *. Many thanks for this post. For those who want to have safe necklines, backless blouses are the best. From classic to trendy, crew neck to deep v, read on for every type of neckline you need to know about, and how to choose the best one for you. In this video you can learn how to cut and stitch 4 different types of necklines for blouse and churidar sohaa1309@gmail.com Click on the link below and SUBSCRIBE my … See more ideas about Kurti neck designs, Dress neck designs, Salwar neck designs. u really try for not keeping it to yourself Checkout the post on drafting necklines to design necklines for clothes you sew. The necklines are pretty steep at the back and fancy in the front. It usually ends above the collarbone and usually has a band around it. 1. Fix clothing to some thing new : 40 common {Clothing repairs} you may have to do once in a while. Most of the body flaws can be camouflaged by this neckline – for example a too wide shoulder can be de-emphasized with this neckline; it can make a short neck look elongated. 3. Round/crew/jewel. Neckline with a Jewel or V-neck combined with a button up opening in the front like in a cardigan, The type of neckline that wraps and forms a V neckline. Purple Bardot Top with Ruffles: BUY NOW. Body Shape: All Body Types; Style Tip: Wear it with a black trouser and strappy flats for a casual look. 10 criteria to decide whether you should or should not, Find your Face Shape {& get the best dressing tips for it}, How to hide a stomach with clothes : 10 fashion tips that work for girls with a big belly, Sew a Simple Gathered Dress for girls : Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial, Wardrobe Storage Solutions for the Organizationally challenged {Simple hacks to increase space}, 40 Different types of Underwear and their names, Sewing Thick Fabrics or many layers of fabric with your home sewing machine : 15 tricks, Quilt sizes : The Most popular & Standard dimensions to make your quilts. Checkout the 5 ways to make this scalloped edge, A sabrina neckline is a variation to the boat neckline. Tops or dresses with ruffles, mock turtlenecks (or any of the other types of turtlenecks), or neckties are best for these types of necklines. Without a doubt its Neckline is one of the most important. Sometimes, it ends at the base of your neck, creating another round style known as jewel. That sounds great; thanks for the comment. Depth. Check out this post on, This neckline is also called a Bardot neckline. Can you form a whatapp group for easy access. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies (Read Privacy policy & Cookie Policy). Check out this post on Keyhole neckline for more details and 9 different placement of keyhole on the neck of a dress. This neckline enhances the natural curves of well-endowed women, yet also creates curves for small-busted women. Hi Priya Bra Types You Should Consider – T-Shirt, Sports And Seamless Bra should be your go-to. Check out different women shirt collar designs and collar neck designs for blouses, Kurtis, and dresses. For this reason, avoid one-shoulder jumpsuits or dresses if you’re broader in the shoulders. Be the first to receive exclusive content from our editors straight to your inbox. Just as the way  we consider all the above mentioned factors when choosing a neckline, a neckline in turn makes all these features look good – like the face, shoulders, bustline and the whole body shape, don’t you think so? The neckline is the top edge of a garment that surrounds the neck, especially from the front view. A sophisticated neckline design like a high neck or turtleneck hits a few inches below the chin and helps offset a long face or a long neck. A sleeveless neckline with the front of the garment held around the back of the neck by a band extending from the front. Wow. Top 15 Shiny fabric names for dressmaking : Be that star! Halter necks are very much in vogue these days.They give an … This is so helpful to me 5 Stars rate for you. Here we have got 15 types of neck designs and patterns. The illusion neckline is usually a combination of two necklines. I have being able to know about different types of necks from you and am so impressed. Hi Kenny Keep up the wonderful work! DIY Hair accessories from old things lying around the house: Make 5 of them in minutes, Inverted Triangle Body shape: 10 Do’s and Don’t’s for dressing this type, How to buy Leather : 15 important questions to ask before you make the purchase. }, Nightwear Set – Cami Top and Pajama Shorts {Sewing tutorial}, Fabrics suitable for Sun (UV) protective clothing : 7 options to choose from, Use Fabric Scraps to make your own Fabric : 3 methods, 7 types of Wedding Veils – Make the perfect bridal veil for your Wedding Day, How to buy jeans {A Jeans Fitting Guide for women}: 10 scenarios & their answers, Sew an easy Top for every day wear { Sewing pattern & tutorial}, Jeans Repair : 7 types of alterations you may want to do on your denim and their solutions, Coasters : 6 easy ways to make them {Sew & no sew methods}, How to Disinfect Clothes {in the time of Corona} & other outbreaks : 5 methods, Make a very easy to sew Sewing Machine Cover, 10 things you can easily make from OLD JEANS : Jeans recycle ideas, How to fold a piece of Cloth into a Mask : No-sew method of making masks, Flutter sleeved Top : Sewing pattern & tutorial, Sew a full length skirt {Sewing pattern and tutorial}, DIY Pillow covers : How to sew a Pillow case { with zippered opening & flanges}, Small & cute Embroidery designs for Bed sheets & Pillowcovers, 10 Different types of Virus protection masks and how to choose the best, Make an Easy Placemat for your dining table, Easy Butterfly Sleeved Top – Sewing tutorial, How to tie your Shoelaces {5 different ways}, Hemstitching : How to do this ornamental hem finish, 13 Different Body Types : What you can learn from David Kibbe, Peter pan collar {Sewing pattern & Tutorial}, How to sew a {Pieced and Quilted} Blanket – Easy sewing tutorial, Sew a Flounce Hem Skirt {Sewing pattern & tutorial}, DIY Phone Pouch – 3 Easy Sewing Tutorials, How to hand sew Leather { with the best stitches}, Shirt collars Decoded {& 15 styles explained}, Super easy Makeup pouch : {Keep your cosmetics in style} 2 Sewing tutorials, Detachable Peter pan collar – Sewing tutorial.

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